Must-Know Trends in Office Fitouts

Your office fitouts can be more important to your overall workspace than you realise. These fitouts can be used to create conference rooms and temporary workspaces, and even help create a more productive environment for your workers. Consider how this is accomplished with these new trends in commercial fitouts.

1. Glass partitions preserve daylight in the entire office

Many office suites have large windows that let in lots of light, but the majority of workers typically don't get to enjoy this sunlight because of the solid walls that create offices around those windows! Glass partitions are a hot new trend in office fitouts because they give workers privacy in their office but still let the daylight into the inner area of the suite. This daylight can in turn create energy and a more positive, productive environment in the office.

2. Team rooms are replacing conference rooms

A typical conference room in an office might seat 10, 12, or even 20 people, but many companies are finding that these are being used less and less often. Rather than an entire department or large number of staff needing to meet together, work is often being done in teams of just 3 or 4 people. Those large conference rooms can often be a waste of space in today's work environment.

Fitouts can provide all the space needed for these team rooms and they can even be set up temporarily as needed. If a larger group needs to meet, a fitout wall can be moved back and other walls brought in. By using fitouts to create these smaller team rooms, every bit of space in an office is being utilised and doesn't go to waste.

3. Workstations are shrinking but becoming more private

As more companies use electronic means to store paperwork and as cell phones have replaced the need for large, bulky office phones, workstations are becoming smaller. Each employee area doesn't need space for a large filing cabinet and a desk that can accommodate an oversized computer, phone, and other such equipment. Reducing the size of each workspace also reduces the overall size of office needed; this in turn can save money on the amount of rent that's paid for an office suite.

However, shrinking a workspace means working closer to your coworkers and this can be distracting. Today's fitouts are now equipped with many types of noise reducing features, including overheads that trap sound and thicker fabric that is designed specifically for noise reduction. These fitouts can allow a company to use the smallest office space possible while still allowing workers to be productive throughout the day.