Adding Security to your Fence and Sliding Gate

Having an intruder break into your home is a life-changing experience. While you once thought of your home as a place of comfort and protection, after a burglary your home doesn't feel so safe any more. Many home-owners will install protective measures around their home to increase security, such as a fence and sliding gate. However, in some instances, these measures could actually be contributing to your security problems. If you install a fence and sliding gate it's important that you know what not to do.

Install Too Close to the Street

When planning the location of your fence and gate, make sure that you aren't installing them too close to the street. Ideally, you should install the fence several metres away from the street. This is important because it makes a clear distinction between the side-walk and your property.

The closer the gate is to the street, the less likely an intruder will be detected. Neighbours and other onlookers are more likely to think the person is simply walking or jogging down the street. However, when there are several metres between the side- walk and the gate, it will be clear that the person is on your property and is trespassing.

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Using a Key Code

While it's helpful to have a keypad installed along with your sliding gate, it's not generally recommended that you use a keypad to gain access to your property. Instead, consider adding a sensor or remote function that allows you to open or close the gate.

Most experienced burglaries study their target. They spend time watching your home and your patterns. If you use a keypad, it's possible that an intruder could be observing you while you are entering the code. An intruder could then use the code to gain access to your property, effortlessly.

Not Adding Lights

Make sure that you keep the area around your sliding gate well lit. The brighter the area is, the more difficult it will be for someone to hide around the gate and access your property. When choosing lights, you want to go bright, but not so bright that you are offending your neighbours.

Consider installing floodlights with built-in shields. These bulbs will provide you with ample light without producing a glare that could be annoying to your neighbours. Additionally, you should also consider installing more than one light so that you can be sure that both sides of the gate are well lit.

When it comes to protecting your home and family, no effort is too great. Taking extra precautions to add security to your fence and sliding gate will ensure you are protected.