4 Tricks To Amplify Storage Space In Tiny Kitchens

Kitchens are at the core of every home because they keep your stomach full and content. But small kitchens pose a challenge when it comes to efficiently storing cooking ingredients, utensils, vegetables, appliances and cutlery. If you've decided to renovate to maximise storage, then your kitchen renovation designs must be practically functional and visually appealing. Follow these tricks to amplify storage space in tiny kitchens.

Add Upper Cabinets To Reduce Clutter On Floors 

While planning additional storage in kitchens, upper cabinets offer both visual appeal by opening up the look of a kitchen and functional efficiency by storing items internally to reduce clutter. These upper cabinets in kitchens also enhance movement space because fewer items are located in lower areas. To maximise storage space, remember to take these cabinets up to your kitchen ceiling. Plan sleek and minimalistic cabinet designs to create the illusion of larger spaces because elaborate or bulky work on cabinets can close up the room to make it seem smaller.

Create Under-Sink Storage

The area below a kitchen sink is most often wasted because people assume that plumbing parts will get in the way of storage. Debunk this myth and introduce storage solutions like stacking shelves and door racks to store durable kitchen supplies like cleaning liquids, laundry detergent, dishwashing solutions, mops, dusters and much more. Maximising under-sink storage is a great way to store resilient necessities without using up precious space elsewhere.

Consider Wall Mounting Items

Certain items like wine glasses, knives, utensils, dishes and cloths can easily be hung up on blank walls, so that you can make the most of your kitchen's available space. Rows of different racks on the wall from the ceiling to the floor will allow you to reduce clutter from your floors and benchtops. For instance, draping towels over a rod or hanging wine glasses on a wine rack will allow you to place these items on walls where they take up the least space –­– adding considerable visual appeal to your small kitchen.

Utilise Corner Pullout Pantries

More often than not, the space between your fridge and wall is wasted because it's too small for putting anything. A smart idea is to insert a slim, pullout pantry in this corner space because it can easily be tucked into this tiny area while allowing you to store essential cooking items. The best part of a pullout pantry is the fact that even items stored right at the back can be accessed easily, enabling you to enjoy maximum storage without compromising on functionality.

With so many appealing storage solutions, tiny kitchens won't feel so small anymore. For more information and tips, contact a local kitchen renovation company.