Scorching Summers | 3 Quick Actions To Get The AC Fixed In Your Rental Apartment

The mere thought of a summer in Australia is enough to leave you drenched in sweat, but the problem is compounded when the AC in your rental conks off at the worst possible time — bang in the middle of a heat wave. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy getting the landlord to fix your air conditioning unit in time. This guide offers quick actions to help you get your AC fixed quickly, so that you can face the rest of summer in the comfort of your cool home.

Phone Your Property Manager

In the case of an emergency where your AC breaks down in summer, you may be in a better position to make a phone call first before sending your complaint in writing. For instance, the NSW Fair Trading Department lists down the failure of an air conditioner as an urgent repair. Letting your property manager know quickly will compel them to take action under local laws to ensure they don't break them.

Follow It Up In Writing To Keep It On Record

Any form of communication with your landlord or property manager is best done in writing, so that everything is on record. This is an excellent way to avoid future disputes. Keeping everything on record also ensures that you have sufficient proof if you have to take up the repair problem with your local state authority. In Victoria, you may issue a breach of duty notice through your local Victorian tribunal. Tenants in Western Australia may contact the Department of Commerce if the landlord or property agent fails to perform repairs for a broken air conditioner provided with the home.

Give Detailed Information About The Problem To Ascertain The Quickest Fix

If you have an idea of what the problem is, let your property manager know in advance, so that they can keep the AC repair professional informed. This enables the professionals to come adequately prepared to tackle your problem. For instance, if your AC condenser fan has broken down or if you notice the motor running without cooling down the room, letting the property agent know the exact nature of the problem in advance will help reduce the amount of time spent on repair diagnostics. Even if you don't know the source, be as detailed as possible to better prepare the repair professionals.

Getting your AC fixed in a rental is part of your rights as a tenant in Australia. Follow these quick actions to ensure speedy responses to your cooling problem in hot summers. If you have specific questions about what might be wrong with your system, contact a company like ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.