Tips for Improving Your Home's Overall Insulating Properties

The insulation properties of your home are very important; how well your home is insulated will affect your utility bills, and a home that is well-insulated will also be less likely to see moisture build-up, reducing the risk of mould forming inside. Your home is also typically more comfortable when it's well-insulated, as running the furnace can dry the air and running the air conditioner often means a constantly uneven temperature in the house. Note a few tips for improving your home's overall insulating properties, beyond upgrading the actual insulation.

Window film

Window film doesn't just darken windows; as a matter of fact, some film is perfectly clear. This film, however, will have metallic elements that bounce sunlight off the windows, so the interior is cooler. Some film will also have elements that just block UV rays, so you get lots of sunlight into the home but not the rays that will heat the home's interior. Other types of film are very thick so that they protect against outside heat and cold. You can install this film yourself but typically it's best to have it done by a professional, as they can ensure there are no bubbles or streaks and that the film is virtually invisible from inside and outside the home.


Wood floorboards are very attractive, but they don't hold much warmth in the wintertime. If you don't want to install carpeting on the floors or if you like the coolness of wood during summertime, you might invest in some area rugs. These can be set down in different rooms of the home during wintertime, especially the ones that don't get direct sunlight, and then taken up again once summer rolls back around.

Window blinds

You might not think much of the window treatments you have in your home, but thick blinds can help to keep the home insulated, more so than thin roller shades or flimsy curtains. Motorized blinds can also mean opening them just enough to let in as much sunlight as you want, without having an entire window uncovered. Since blinds fit snugly inside the window frame, they can cut off any drafts from ill-fitting windows.

Motorized blinds for your patio area can also help insulate the home, as this provides an added barrier against cold air or heat during extreme weather, and especially if you still want to use that space during the hottest or coldest days of the year. The blinds will help block some of that air that you would otherwise be letting into the home by constantly opening the entryway doors to access the patio area. For more information, contact a company such as somfy.