Three Ways To Bring The Beauty Of Wood Into Your Bathroom

Wood is an incredible material. It's beautiful, it's durable, it's versatile and it only gets better with age--besides, it's a truly fantastic way to bring the calming influence of nature into every room of your home.

Wood isn't always a perfect fit for anywhere that experiences high levels of moisture, though. When it's constantly slightly damp, wood can over time warp and begin to moulder--so what can you do to enjoy this incredible material in your bathroom idyll without running the risk of slimy surfaces that don't stand the test of time?

Consider an eye-catching wooden ceiling

Wooden ceilings can look amazing. There's an undeniable but homey sort of a drama to them, and they add a cosy lodge-like feel to any bathroom. They're also very easy to install, particularly with a little help from an experienced contractor. A wooden bathroom ceiling will warm up the room without breaking the bank and won't be slippery underneath your feet!

Your best bet is to measure for, buy and install a wooden overlay, rather than attempting to replace the entire ceiling. Make sure the timber used is properly sealed against moisture, install a second extractor fan up high to keep things dry and don't run your wooden ceiling directly over a shower.

Kit your bathroom out with some gorgeous timber-look tiles

The simplest and most straightforward way to use wood in your bathroom is not to use real wood at all! Timber-look tiles are perfect for the smallest room in your home, as they get all the look and feel of real wood without adding any of the drawbacks. You can use these tiles in the shower alone to make it stand out as a feature, or go the whole hog and kit out your entire bathroom in these textured, varied pieces.

Timber-look tiles make a particularly great choice for bathroom floors, as they tend to be nicely textured and feel pleasant under bare feet.

Pick wood for all your accessories and extras

Redecorating an entire bathroom can be a lengthy and expensive endeavour--but it's actually the easiest room in the house for a quick facelift. Simply by replacing your towel racks, shower caddies, bath mats and sink storage with wooden versions of the same things, you can get your own little corner of cosiness without breaking the bank and safe in the knowledge that everything you've altered is easily replaceable should you change your mind.