How to Work Added Storage Into Your New Home Design

When working with a builder or new home designer, you may want to think about how to utilize every possible space for storage. Many areas of a home that could be used for storage are simply wasted or underutilized, simply because this storage was not included in a home's original design, and homeowners may find it a challenge to add these items after the home is built. Note a few tips for adding storage into your new home design without compromising the overall style of the home.

Hidden shelving

In every room of the home, a builder can cut out the drywall in front of wall studs and create shelving between those studs. Adding some extra pieces of wood between studs creates shelves, and the entire area can then be covered with drywall behind and around those shelves and painted to match the surrounding walls. If this still seems unsightly, consider adding a hinged mirror or piece of art over the area to act as a door; a long mirror is especially good in a bedroom or bathroom or a small and dark room that needs to reflect the available light. Your builder can even install such a mirror or piece of art while the home is built to make it easier for you to cover this area.

Built-in corner benches

The corners of rooms are often wasted space, as putting a chair in this area is a bit awkward, and finding sturdy shelves that fit corners can also be difficult. Have your builder or designer include small, built-in benches or seats for the corners of rooms so they fit perfectly in the space while also offering hidden storage under the seat. This type of built-in bench is perfect for the front door where you may need to sit down to put on shoes, and hidden storage under the bench area gives you a place to hide those shoes away.

Floor storage

As with wall studs, the area between floorboards is often wasted space in a home. A builder can create storage areas in these spaces with hinged sections that you open when you need to access them. These hinged sections can also lock for secure storage of firearms, money and other such items. A builder can even add a combination lock such as you would see with a home safe. If you're worried about the floors looking unsightly, note that the hinges can be hidden, or you can plan on covering that space with an area rug.