Is a Steel Framed Home Right for You?

When having a new home built, you may not think much of the framing materials and may simply accept whatever choice your homebuilder suggests. However, there are some reasons to consider a steel frame versus a standard stick built or wooden frame for your home. Note a few questions you might have about such a home and some factors to consider, so you know if it's the right choice for your new home.

What are steel framed kits?

Steel frames for homes are made in a factory and cut to exacting sizes, as it's very difficult to cut the steel on the jobsite; this is unlike wood for a home's frame, which may be cut to certain sizes but then needs quite a bit of trimming and shaving onsite. Because steel is cut to such precise measurements, you can actually get a steel frame kit for a new home and assemble it yourself.

This would often require some heavy lifting equipment and commercial-quality riveters or drills for the connectors; you may even want a contractor to assist with the assembling process. However, opting for a steel frame kit can mean saving on the cost of having your home built from the ground up and can also mean less construction waste and a shorter construction time as well.

Steel and the weather

You might assume that a steel framed home will be hotter or colder during the most inclement months of the year, but a steel framed home will have a radiant barrier that blocks out harsh sunlight and which also keeps the steel from becoming very cold. Your home will also be insulated just like a standard stick-built home so that it doesn't let in heat and cold, and the steel frame will then remain at a constant temperature.

Steel siding

Note that a steel framed home is not the same as having steel siding; steel siding is on the outside of the home's frame, and it doesn't need to be steel to match the frame if you should decide on a steel framed home. However, steel siding is much stronger than vinyl or aluminium and may be a good choice in areas with very inclement weather where hailstorms or fallen tree branches are common. If you live near a freeway and often have gravel and other debris coming toward your home, aluminium or vinyl siding may suffer dents and dings; steel siding can help avoid this damage and keep your home in good repair no matter the risks.