Your Options When Contemplating Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets remain a popular flooring option in household. Maintaining them can be time consuming, but it is recommended that you have your carpet professionally cleaned on occasion. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, your carpet can transform into a breeding ground for a host of living organisms, ranging from bacteria to dust mites. As their colonies grow, your carpet gradually becomes a health hazard and will pose the risk of respiratory ailments. When seeking professional carpet cleaning, you will have different cleaning methods to choose from to suit your needs. Here are a few of the options that will be presented to you.

Absorbent pad cleaning

This method is also referred to as bonnet cleaning. It is a recommended technique for individuals who are seeking light maintenance cleaning for their carpeting. This method is highly effective for the removal of surface stains caused by food, beverages, dirt marks and more. To begin, the cleaners will first vacuum loose dirt off your carpet and then proceed to apply a chemical solution on the surface of the carpet. After the solution has soaked into the carpet, a bonnet that is affixed on a rotary machine is used to agitate the chemical solution. The agitation causes dirt from the fibres to loosen, and the absorbent pad absorbs the dirt and chemicals. Bonnet cleaning is a fast and affordable method, making it ideal for routine cleaning.

Steam cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning method is also commonly referred to as hot water extraction. It is classified as a wet cleaning technique, as it makes use of hot steam. To begin, the carpet cleaners will apply a conditioner to the carpet, as well as a chemical compound. This chemical compound functions to liquefy the dirt in your carpet fibres so that it is easier to eliminate. Once the chemical compound has been given some time to react with the dirt, the technicians will inject pressurized steam into your carpeting. The liquefied dirt, chemical agents and conditioner are then extracted using a vacuum.

One of the major benefits of hot water extraction is that this method penetrates deep into your carpet fibres. Thus, you can be assured that your carpeting has received a thorough cleaning. Additionally, the use of hot temperatures and chemical agents will kill off any microbes that may have been living undetected inside your carpeting.

Nonetheless, steam cleaning does present some drawbacks. Firstly, your carpet will take some time to dry due to the hot water usage. Secondly, it is also one of the pricier carpeting cleaning techniques, so it may not be financially feasible for some homeowners.