Does Your Roof Keep You Aloof from Problems? 3 Ways to Tell Your Roof Insulation Has Deteriorated

If you no longer enjoy good energy efficiency in your home, check if your attic or roof insulation is still intact. Although age contributes to poor roof insulation, the critters, birds and pests that nest in your attic could be your worst enemies. If poor roof insulation isn't fixed in good time, you may spend a lot of money replacing it. Is it possible to know when your roof insulation has deteriorated? Yes, and here's how.

Recurring Allergies

If some of your family members show allergic symptoms from time to time, poor roof insulation could be the cause. If the roof isn't in good condition, it may allow moisture to get into the attic insulation and create a favourable environment for bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to grow. If mildew and mould proliferate, they may easily contaminate the interior air in your home.

Did you know that a portion of the air you breathe in your house comes through the attic? If your roof insulation is poor, you could inhale toxins and other harmful substances in the attic air and develop some serious health problems. If an insulation contractor finds mould and mildew in the attic, you may have to replace it to avoid further proliferation.

Massive Icicles During the Cold Season

The massive icicles you see in your home indicate that the ice dams have already formed. Although ice dams may make your home look like a winter wonderland, they could eventually cause serious structural damage. Ice dams usually form when the attic insulation in your home is inadequate.

If your roof insulation has deteriorated, the heat from the HVAC unit finds its way into the attic. If you see ice sheets on your roof, call in an insulation contractor to check what's wrong with your attic. If only a small section of your attic is affected, you don't have to replace the entire insulation system.

Increased Energy Costs

If you have been in your house for several years now, you probably know the average cooling and heating costs you expect every month. If the energy costs increase significantly, you know something is wrong. Although various aspects could cause hiked energy costs, a poorly insulated roof or attic could be the major culprit. With good roof insulation, you enjoy cool air during summer and a warm environment in the winter.

If you suspect that some of the problems you have at home are due to a poorly insulated roof, don't inspect the roof yourself. Get a competent insulation contractor to inspect it and find out if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Reach out to roof insulation services today to get started.