Unique Ways To Display Your Flowers

Flowers are one of the most sought after and appreciated gifts when it comes to anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and the recently passed Mother's Day. However, because flowers have been exchanged for centuries, it can sometimes feel a little boring to just display them in a vase. If you want to create a more unique feature with your flowers, then you have to think more outside of the box. Here are a few ideas you can try if you want a more interesting and diverse feature for your flowers.

Watering Can

Many homes have an old watering can lying around that hasn't been used since you got your updated irrigation system or hose installed. A rusty watering can provide an authentically vintage way to display your flowers. Put some flowers down the neck of the watering can and some poking out of the main canister and then put it somewhere outside, like on your front porch. This is a hard display to pull off inside, as the watering can is often too dirty. It is also great because you can store plenty of water in the watering can, meaning your flower should last a fair while!

Hanging Buckets

A fun project during quarantine can be the installation of decorative, hanging buckets. All you need are a few small buckets or pots, a solid overhanging piece of material like a window frame or an awning and some reasonably strong metal chain. Simply drill a few holes in so you can attach some anchors for the chains and then line your buckets of flowers so that they are not too high. This creates a lovely view to look out over and also brightens up any room. If the flowers die, then you always have an easy place to store future ones.

Test Tubes

For those who studied science at school or have kids who have, owning a bunch of test tubes and test tube stands seems like a waste. After only a couple of occasions, most people never use them again but keep them stored up for years. Now is your chance! Simply fill the test tubes up with water, cut a few flower stems so that they find inside of the test tubes and load them up. Then put the full test tubes into the test tube stands to create a fun display the whole family will enjoy. Flowers look great when they are put out for all to see, and these little extra flourishes can make them stand out even more!