How Are Shade Sails Beneficial to Schools?

There are plenty of different settings where shade sails will be an advantage. They are superb additions over domestic swimming pools, for example, where they will keep the sun off and also stop leaves from falling down into the water. They are of use in care homes where elderly residents might have to be especially careful about exposure to ultraviolet rays, as well. Furthermore, shade sails are of great benefit in educational settings. What makes them a worthwhile investment for any forward-thinking school?

Outdoor Classrooms

Although teaching outside is known to have many benefits for teachers as well as students, it is not always a practical proposition given the strong Australian sun. Therefore, installing a shade sail close to a school building will allow you to use the space for education while still having direct access to your teaching resources. Of course, for children, the ability to spread out a little in more space and to enjoy the wind on their face will offer a welcome break from in-classroom teaching, particularly when it is hot.

Cooler Playing Areas

Although shade sails are there to protect students from the harmful effects of the sun when they are outdoors, they also provide a secondary effect. Their shade makes the space underneath them that bit cooler which means that more physical activities, such as running around games, can be enjoyed without overheating. The shade sails can even keep play equipment cooler. Aluminium bars on climbing frames, for example, can get very hot to the touch if they are exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end.

Add Brightness

Modern shade sails come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Their geometry can even be a teaching aid by helping to point out examples of triangles or rhombuses that students might see every day, for instance. More important than their shape, however, are the bright colours that their fabrics show off. With a few shade sails dotted around the school, the whole place can be much brighter and more appealing than it was before.

Event Shelters

Ideal for a staging sports day event or for an award-giving ceremony, shade sails will keep the sun off during any external activity. Bear in mind, too, that they provide shelter from the rain so they will allow you to hold your event, even in inclement weather. As such, they constitute a very healthy investment that can be put to use in a huge variety of ways.