Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom

Renovating a small bathroom offers the perfect opportunity for you to make the room appear larger using your design skills. To help you achieve the best result, consider the following tips.

Cool Colours

Opt for cool rather than warm tones when selecting tiles and flooring. For example, choose pale blue, beige or earthy light green. Cool colours visually recede to make the surfaces they cover seem farther away, expanding the space. Conversely, warm oranges and yellows, for example, appear closer so they'll shrink the room. You can add warmth to the bathroom design by including natural textures and materials in the form of a creamy timber counter or fawn travertine tiles, for instance.


To give a feeling of spaciousness, create continuous surfaces without breaking them up with contrast. For example, lay the same tiles across the walls and floors, so they seem to extend forever. The uninterrupted expanse will give the impression of a bigger bathroom. On the other hand, contrasting colour wall and floor tiles break up the surface area. To give an illusion of height, extend the wall tiles to the ceiling.


Don't install a chunky hanging chandelier if you want to preserve air space. Instead, connect recessed lights spread across the ceiling to illuminate all room areas. If spots are dimly lit, the entire room tends to feel smaller. If you fit lighting around a mirror, keep the fixtures small and discrete so they don't create a bit busy look and take up scarce room.


An expansive mirror will help also. You might logically realise a mirror reflection isn't real. Regardless, a mirror still creates a sense of dimension and space beyond the wall, giving the illusion that the room is doubly spacious. Rather than fit a small mirror above the vanity, set a large one across the wall without ornate framing to defines its boundaries. Thus, even the mirror will seem to extend.

Frameless Glass Showers

One of the physically largest components in a bathroom is the shower enclosure. Installing a frameless glass model during bathroom renovations will go a long way towards making the bathroom less cramped. These showers seem almost invisible, and they don't divide the room into different regions. Instead, the area inside and outside the enclosure will feel united. On the other hand, fully framed screens and shower curtains separate the shower area more strongly from the general floor area.

Reach out to a local remodelling contractor to get more ideas for bathroom renovations.