Why Fit Under-Tile Heating In Your Home?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of under-tile heating. Not only is it a good way of heating your kitchen and bathroom, where you may want tiled flooring to be installed, but it can also work very well in day rooms, corridors and even bedrooms. In fact, any room that you think will look good with tiled flooring can benefit from this sort of heating system. What are some of the main benefits you can expect from it?

Easy to Install

Some people are put off the idea of fitting under-floor heating because of the installation costs involved. Although it is expensive to replace a current central heating system with an in-floor one if you are going to pour a new concrete substrate, this is not necessarily required with most under-tile heating systems. Some can simply be rolled out onto an appropriate surface and then all you need to do is to tile over them. When the heating is turned on, the system warms the tile above, providing all the heat you'll need for the room.

Even Warmth

One of the great things about any good floor heating system, including under-tile heating, is that it heats the whole room. More correctly, the flooring will warm the air above it meaning that you do not experience any cold spots close to the floor as can happen with a conventional central heating system. What's more, the whole room is heated evenly without hotspot by radiators that children might burn themselves on. Instead, the whole installation will be more refined and offer a greater uniformity of heat.

No More Radiators

With an under-tile system heating your room, you do not need to rely on radiators or the pipework that connects them to the boiler. In turn, this means creating more space for you to move around in. Wall-mounted radiators are often unsightly to look at but they also get in the way of furniture that you might like to rearrange. With under-floor heating, you can arrange your room as you see fit.

Energy Efficiency

Finally, under-tile heating is a very efficient way of warming your home. If you consider the fact that warm air rises, then you'll soon realise that the most efficient place you can warm an entire room from is beneath your feet. What's more, warming tiles for a short time will mean they continue to emit heat into the room for a period after you've turned the system off. This means you will to lower your energy consumption greatly.

To learn more about under-tile heating options, contact a supplier.