Three Reasons You Should Contact Your Cabinet Makers After They Have Finished Installing Your Custom Furniture

Cabinet makers are used by homeowners across the country to create unique and high-quality pieces of furniture and joinery that can completely change the interior design of a home. While most people hire cabinet makers to help design the cabinets and the many fixtures they might want in a kitchen, cabinet makers' work is not limited to that room. From beds and custom sofas to TV cabinets and storage spaces, they can create virtually anything. However, did you know that cabinet makers do more than just install these custom pieces? Here are a few reasons why you might need to call a cabinet maker long after the initial installation and how they can help you.


Sometimes wooden products start to look a bit haggard with age, whether that is the scratches and dents in them from curious children or just the general wear and tear associated with age. Often all it takes to completely hide these blemishes is to refinish the wooden pieces by shaving off a tiny portion and providing a new coat of lacquer or some other sealant. Cabinet makers are great at doing this in a way you would almost never notice, which keeps your interior fittings looking great while saving you thousands because you don't have to buy new replacements.

Renovation Consulting

Cabinet makers are often used as consultants for many different types of renovation projects. If you want your renovation to be well integrated and not just a rough idea of a new room and a random assortment of furniture strewn inside, then talking to cabinet makers before you start actually breaking ground on your reno is a good idea. They can design custom pieces of furniture that not only fit perfectly in the new space, but also match the rest of the colour and theme of the room and the rest of your home.


Flat packs and do-it-yourself furniture kits might seem like a good idea when you order them, but a lot of Australians struggle to put them together efficiently. If you have thrown in the towel and don't feel like picking up another Allen key in your entire life, cabinet makers might be the service for you. They are well known for being great at following instructions on flat packs and are sometimes even used to assemble the inside of granny flat kits and the like. Don't risk ruining your new furniture or ending up with a few leftover screws at the end of your construction — cabinet makers can do it better and faster. 

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