Two tips to follow when shopping for outdoor furniture

If you want some outdoor furniture for your garden or patio, here are some tips to follow.

Consider your climate and storage space when determining how much you should spend

You'll need to think about the climate where you live as well as the amount of storage space you have when buying this furniture. If for example, you don't have anywhere indoors to store this furniture, and the weather in your area can get bad during certain seasons, you should consider spending a bit more on furniture.

Whilst it would be safe to keep a basic and lightweight timber bench and table set outdoors all year round in an area where the climate is mild and dry, this furniture might rot if left outdoors in a place where it rains regularly during the autumn and winter and could even get blown on its side during windy weather if it's not bolted down. In contrast, a more expensive, weighted metal-framed outdoor sofa could be kept outdoors all year round, even in a place with wet and windy winters.

If your budget will only stretch to a cheaper outdoor furniture set that you might need to take it indoors occasionally during bad weather, look for a set with a folding table and bench, as even if your home is small, you might still be able to slide the folded furniture under a bed or sofa.

Consider how you'll use the furniture

You'll also need to think about how you'll be using this outdoor furniture. For example, if you just want to use this furniture for your alfresco meals that last less than an hour or for sitting outside whilst drinking a coffee, then you might be happy with a wrought iron dining set which, whilst very firm, would feel comfortable when used for this relatively brief length of time.

Conversely, if you want to be able to lie down fully or to sit around with your friends and enjoy hours of conversation in your garden on nice evenings, you might find an outdoor sofa with padded, waterproof cushions more suitable, as this will feel comfortable when you sit or lay on it for long periods.

Similarly, if you want to host garden parties, then any table you buy should have a tabletop that is large enough to hold all of the buffet food, drinks, candles and decorations you'll be providing your guests with on these occasions.