How to Make Your New Patio Suitable for Those Cooler Nights

If you live in a certain part of the country that tends to get rather chilly over a wintry night, you may still want to make the best use of your outdoor space. So as you plan to construct a new patio, why not think about adding a fire pit to add a touch of sparkle to those seasonal events. What options do you have to consider in this situation?

Around the Flame

Nothing says cosy and comfortable more than a flickering flame. You can gather family and friends around the fireside to share stories or toast some simple snacks as the sun disappears beyond the horizon. If you install a fire pit, you can extend your entertainment season beyond its normal close date and enjoy that healthy outside air even more.

Fire Pit Options

Many people will choose to buy a standalone fire pit that they can add to the area once their new patio has been finished. These come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some can even be incorporated into a larger table, so the chef in the family will be even happier and can come up with some new masterpieces. Other people will want to incorporate a fire pit into a new patio design, and again, there are many options available.

Blending In

Many fire pits are actually elevated areas rather than a traditional pit that is actually sunk into the ground. In any case, to make it look natural and a genuine part of the outdoor design, construct the visible part of your fire pit from the same material as you choose for the patio itself.

Digging Down

If you choose to make an actual "pit, " you have some additional factors to consider. Just remember that part of the enjoyment here is watching the flames dance, so don't make the hole so deep that you can't enjoy the action.

Safety First

You need to figure out where to insert your pit and may want to avoid certain areas. Typically, you'll stay away from any nearby trees as you don't want the heat of your fire to affect the root structure. In the worst-case scenario, the fire could actually set light to the root structure, especially if there's not as much moisture in the ground as usual.

Designing the Pit

Usually, you'll add a deep layer of sand to the bottom of a fire pit as this will help keep the heat in the general area and not let it spread elsewhere. You may also want to add fire bricks to strengthen the surrounding wall, as these are made to withstand very high levels of heat.

Crafting Your Plan

Work with your patio builders on the overall design. They will help you install your fire pit to look the part and provide you with many evenings of wintry fun.