Using Natural Elements To Make Your Bathroom Design More Appealing

It can be challenging to add softness to bathroom decor, as hard surfaces are necessary to counteract splashing water and humidity. However, you can create a feeling of softness and warmth by using natural elements to make your bathroom more appealing. Here are several ideas.


So long as you regularly apply a sealant to stone, it's an excellent organic element for a bathroom. You can install travertine or limestone floor and wall tiles in pinks, greys and creams. Or, consider a soapstone vanity counter in dark green or grey for a moody look.

Alternatively, you could personalise your space with a unique stone installation. For example, build a shower with a central floor area of stone tiles surrounded by a moat of round river pebbles. This arrangement will give you a feeling of being outdoors when showering. Alternatively, build a stone-tiled archway into the shower to create the feel of an ancient spa.


You can also make your bathroom more appealing by using timber. However, wood can suffer in a bathroom as it can expand, contract and cause problems, even if you fit it as a countertop. For fewer issues, you could use repurposed hardwood, which is older, more stable and less likely to shrink or swell than new timber. It will need a coat of polyurethane or oil to help it withstand moisture damage.

You can also use timber for a wall panel or window shutters, making sure it's protected. Engineered timber provides an alternate option, being more resilient than solid wood. It has a plywood core covered in a thin layer of hardwood.

Natural Views

If you can see green foliage or blue sky, you'll feel connected to the natural world. So, think about ways you can create a view in your bathroom. Maybe you could build a massive window leading to a small enclosed courtyard filled with plants and foliage. Another possibility may be to construct clerestory windows that are high on the wall so people can't see in. Or you could construct a skylight. However, whether you can maintain privacy will depend on whether the nearby buildings are multistory.

Decorative Accents

You can also bring organic elements inside with decorative accents during bathroom renovations. For example, place a rattan basket full of towels in a corner. Plants with feathery foliage are another option. Or bring in a feel of the ocean with sea shells and earthy blue and green trinket bowls.