5 Types of Shower Screen Options

Although shower curtains remain popular in many homes across the country, shower screens are much more practical. They are easier to keep clean and don't suffer from mildew as much. They are also more stylish whether they are used for an over-the-bath shower attachment or for a dedicated shower enclosure. There are five main types of shower screen to choose between and each works in a slightly different way to prevent water from splashing into your bathroom from the shower.

Your Options When Contemplating Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets remain a popular flooring option in household. Maintaining them can be time consuming, but it is recommended that you have your carpet professionally cleaned on occasion. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, your carpet can transform into a breeding ground for a host of living organisms, ranging from bacteria to dust mites. As their colonies grow, your carpet gradually becomes a health hazard and will pose the risk of respiratory ailments.

Is a Steel Framed Home Right for You?

When having a new home built, you may not think much of the framing materials and may simply accept whatever choice your homebuilder suggests. However, there are some reasons to consider a steel frame versus a standard stick built or wooden frame for your home. Note a few questions you might have about such a home and some factors to consider, so you know if it's the right choice for your new home.

How to Work Added Storage Into Your New Home Design

When working with a builder or new home designer, you may want to think about how to utilize every possible space for storage. Many areas of a home that could be used for storage are simply wasted or underutilized, simply because this storage was not included in a home's original design, and homeowners may find it a challenge to add these items after the home is built. Note a few tips for adding storage into your new home design without compromising the overall style of the home.

When Curtains May Be a Better Option Than Blinds or Shades

When it comes to window treatments for any room of your home, you want to think seriously about your choices before you shop, as these items can either add to the look of the space or make it seem drab and dull. While blinds, shutters, shades and other such choices all have their advantages, there are times when curtains can be the best choice. Note a few considerations to keep in mind so you know the best option for every room of your home and when to choose curtains versus any other window treatment.